Monday, June 22, 2009

iPhone images from last week's trip to Key West & Miami

Spent last week in Key West and South Beach, camping, lounging, swimming and drinking.
Traveled lightly with only my clothes and iphone.

Here is a montage of the few things I captured:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Behind the scenes shots from the " Ashley Holt " photoshoot

Last week between trips from the Red River Gorge to Key West/Miami I had a few hours one evening to shoot with model Ashley Holt.
I picked her up and we drove up US 42 looking for the perfect location.
We'd pass a farm and say, "nope" or "maybe" and kept on driving.
We reached Skylight, Ky and saw the shed that is featured here in these images and thought it would be perfect.

Below are a few out-take shots and a diagram of lighting for those interested.

This was shot with a slowed shutter speed 1/60th, while Ashley twirled
and frozen by pop of the strobes.
This is a really nice shot of her natural smile
Here is a diagram for those of you who ask about my lighting.
I took this idea from Master "Joe McNally"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Micah Dash, Johnny Copp & Wade Johnson Lost in China

In case you are a cave dweller, you've probably already heard about the three mountaineers: Micah Dash, Johnny Copp & Wade Johnson missing in China.

If you haven't heard: All info can be read about here

My heart goes out to all their family and friends as well as the people
who are involved in the search and rescue efforts.