Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few other cool things from NYC

The graffiti isn't particularly amazing, but rather offsets the vibrant colors of the advertisements, making this image interesting to me.

I got to check out the bouldering at Central Park, Manhattan. It's interesting to climb a problem, look up and see skyscrapers. I think thats a first for me.

I usually don't take photo's of buildings, but as I was walking past Radio City Music Hall a TV flyer of My Morning Jacket (Jim James) for a June 20th, 2008 show was shown on the screen as I turned my head. What are the chances of me being in NYC and walking past RCMH and seeing a fellow friend from Louisville on the side of this amazing venue, so I had to take a shot.

The original demo Nintendo (1980) that led to the production of the Nintendo which came out in 1985. This demo unit had a console, keyboard, joystick, 2 controllers and gun.

Now in 2008, we have plasma screen flat panel tv's and the wi...

Late that night, we drank at a bar called...

and met these fellows...

NYC from the plane ride home.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yesterday in NYC

Sometimes when I wander around cities, I see cool shit like this...

After 7 years, I finally got to see Alex Grey's ( & paintings and sculptures with my own eyes. I wanted to shoot at least one photo of the gallery, but was asked not to do it. Images of the gallery are located on each site listed above. Upon walking into the gallery I was in a state of awe. The publications and reproductions just don't do the paintings justice. The colors and detail in each painting are so vivid I felt as if in another realm. Everyone should go.

A sample of Grey's work:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Black Mountain Trip

Two nights ago I finally got to see Black Mountain. A band which I have missed twice due to being on the road and was not about to miss again for the third time. I wanted to shoot the band friday night at Headliners in Louisville, KY, but wanted to fully enjoy Black Mountains psychedelic experience.

When I found out they were playing last night in Newport, KY at the Southgate house, I thought..."What a great opportunity to see them perform again and shoot it at the same time." Enduring the weather, I was going to make it to the show. The night before, our region had been hit with a great snow storm accumulating about 12inches, which made me bail on going to Arkansas Sat morning to shoot some climbers. I packed my car with my mountain hardwear -15degree bag and a thermos of Yerba Matte' in case I got stuck or slide off the road.

Needless to say, I made it to the show. Another great show and they switched up the setlist by about 50% from the previous night. I ended up chatting with Amber, Stephen & Matt about Squamish & Vancouver: a place as a climber I must go to and experience it's moss covered beauty.

The night ended with me driving down I-71 back to Louisville attempting not to put my sleeping bag to use and slide off the road. My average speed was about 40-45mph and with daylight savings time, I made it home about 3.5hrs later.

There is no need to second guess seeing this band live. It is an experience the viewer will not forget.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mountain Hardwear Guardian Daypack Review

Originally submitted at Paragon Sports

Moutain Hardwear Guardian Daypack Review

Greatest day bag I've ever had

By from louisville, KY on 3/4/2008

5out of 5

Pros: High Quality

Best Uses: Climbing, Daypack, Cycling, Urban Commuter, Hiking

I am astonished with this bag. My main concern when looking for a new day bag was the material in which it was made with. I am a photographer/videographer and haul around a mac laptop with external hardrives everyday in which to work on post-productions. My office is a coffeeshop. I am now able to commute to and from on a bike (even though my bike got stolen and now I'm searching for a new one) and not have to worry about my equipment getting ruin in the occasional downpour. The material is bombproof. The bag is very comfortable. I have never been dissatisfied with Mountain Hardwear. Currently I have no issues with this product and would say it's well worth it's price.