Sunday, March 9, 2008

Black Mountain Trip

Two nights ago I finally got to see Black Mountain. A band which I have missed twice due to being on the road and was not about to miss again for the third time. I wanted to shoot the band friday night at Headliners in Louisville, KY, but wanted to fully enjoy Black Mountains psychedelic experience.

When I found out they were playing last night in Newport, KY at the Southgate house, I thought..."What a great opportunity to see them perform again and shoot it at the same time." Enduring the weather, I was going to make it to the show. The night before, our region had been hit with a great snow storm accumulating about 12inches, which made me bail on going to Arkansas Sat morning to shoot some climbers. I packed my car with my mountain hardwear -15degree bag and a thermos of Yerba Matte' in case I got stuck or slide off the road.

Needless to say, I made it to the show. Another great show and they switched up the setlist by about 50% from the previous night. I ended up chatting with Amber, Stephen & Matt about Squamish & Vancouver: a place as a climber I must go to and experience it's moss covered beauty.

The night ended with me driving down I-71 back to Louisville attempting not to put my sleeping bag to use and slide off the road. My average speed was about 40-45mph and with daylight savings time, I made it home about 3.5hrs later.

There is no need to second guess seeing this band live. It is an experience the viewer will not forget.

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