Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few other cool things from NYC

The graffiti isn't particularly amazing, but rather offsets the vibrant colors of the advertisements, making this image interesting to me.

I got to check out the bouldering at Central Park, Manhattan. It's interesting to climb a problem, look up and see skyscrapers. I think thats a first for me.

I usually don't take photo's of buildings, but as I was walking past Radio City Music Hall a TV flyer of My Morning Jacket (Jim James) for a June 20th, 2008 show was shown on the screen as I turned my head. What are the chances of me being in NYC and walking past RCMH and seeing a fellow friend from Louisville on the side of this amazing venue, so I had to take a shot.

The original demo Nintendo (1980) that led to the production of the Nintendo which came out in 1985. This demo unit had a console, keyboard, joystick, 2 controllers and gun.

Now in 2008, we have plasma screen flat panel tv's and the wi...

Late that night, we drank at a bar called...

and met these fellows...

NYC from the plane ride home.

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