Monday, December 3, 2012

Portrait shoot of Artist/Oil Painter Sunny Ra w/diagram

Finally got to shoot a few beautiful portraits of Sunny.
It's been awhile since I've listed the BTS's diagram of 
a setup on how I get a shot.

We were shooting in a living room of a house 
and even though the wallpaper color was nice, 
I did not want the pattern at all as the background. 
I used a diffuser to only get the color that I wanted 
to achieve without the pattern. A Canon 580 EX II 
Speedlite was between the diffuser and the wall 
to control the intensity of the background.

My main light source was a White Lightning X1600 
gelled with a CTO shooting through an umbrella. 
Due to height issues I wasn't actually able to 
get the light source as high or infront of the model 
as I would have liked, so I had to add another Canon 
580 EX II for fill. The fill light was also gelled 
with a CTO and softened with a Lumiquest 
softbox III. 

Imported into Adobe Lightroom 4 where a few adjustments 
were made then exported to CS6 for a few touch ups
to get the final image you see above. 

Diagram of setup:

Sunny Ra is an exceptional oil painter. 
Most of her paintings are big, 
like in the 4ft x 8ft range.