Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Acudent: My Dent guy, cause accidents happen when you drink!

So in a period of Blacked Out New Years Eve fun in the woods with an entourage of my climbing buddies at Rocktown, GA someone ( prolly me ) fell into the side of my Element creating a decent sized elbow/wrist dent.

Immediately I shot an iPhone image of it and sent it to my buddy Gavin Reherman at ACUDENT and he replied, "Don't worry. Hit me up when you get back in town. That's an easy fix!"

A couple weeks after returning home our schedules coincided
and we met up for the fix.
The day before, I received a call from Gavin saying he's making a
commercial showcasing how they fix dents using my car and if it's cool to do so.
I agreed!

Gavin's brother is Lee Reherman.
If any of you watched American Gladiators between 1993-1996,
Lee was better known as "Hawk."
Lee has now moved on to being and actor and a talk show host. He is currently hosting speed networks "Battle of the Super Cars."

Lee and Battle of the Super Cars also helped out with the commercial for Acudent.