Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rocktown for New Years Eve

I've been pretty damn busy since I got back home, but here is a quick selection of photos from the people I kicked it with for New Years Eve.
(more images will be posted at a later date)

*Fuck the Noise, Let's boulder!*

The Crew!
(Sarah Ventura, Jordan Morris, Alyssa Hoeper, Mark Osbourne,
Amanda Richmond, me, Trevor Sutherland & Eric Gifford)
The Boys...
(Nathan Yokum, Peter Stingray McDermitt, Trevor Sutherland,
Eric Gifford, Laban Swafford, Andrew Cho, Me,
Mark Osbourne & Sean Stewart)

Tarp City kept us dry again this year.

Good crew of people supporting each other on Bionic Lab Rats.
Shot of Elizabeth Arce right before the send of Sherman Photo Roof.