Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoot for Marie Clare and Forecastle Festival

Sunday July 11th, 2010 was an amazing day.
Assisted a shoot for editorial "Marie Clare"
with photog: Melissa Golden.
The portrait shots will be seen in either the
Oct or Nov issue of Marie Clare.
I'll post an update when that issue is out and online.

Assisting on this shoot was an avenue of new beginnings. No ropes to set up. No hiking. Not dealing with the elements of Mother Nature. Gave me a different perspective. I suggested that any inspiring photog should assist others. There is always something you can learn from any given situation and take that knowledge with you to apply in the future.

After the shoot, I rushed down to the Louisville waterfront for a glimpse of "She & Him" (Zooey Deschanel & M.Ward).

Ended up having a really nice dinner at Proof on Main.
If you have never eaten here, this restaurant is a must stop in downtown Louisville.

After dinner, I rushed back to the waterfront to attempt to get a cheaper ticket to see "The Flaming Lips." As soon as I approached the gate, I saw my buddies from the RRGCC (Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition).

Thanks to Burton, I found my way in to see the Lips for "free."

I've never seen The Flaming Lips, but have heard great things about their shows. Wayne Coyne came out in the Hamster ball and crowd surfed during the intro.

Confetti & balloons were floating all over the crowd.
These guys can put on a damn good show.
Peace signs were held by all to honor those in war.
I will definitely be seeing them again!
* all images shot on an iPhone*