Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rocktoberfest at "The Cove" RRG, KY 2008

Trying to stray from the crowds of the Rocktoberfestival, a small group of us ventured up to a place known as "The Cove."
It was here that Timy Fairfield got the FA of Covert Methods last November.

As the day wore on, more boulderers had the same mentality as we had.
My good friends Nate & Liz of Rock Candy Holds paid us a visit and pulled down on the overhanging sandstone.
Another good friend of mine "Adam Taylor" came by to get on Ghetto Methods & Covert Methods. Adam made the 4th ascent of the Covert.

Covert Methods sends to date:
1. Timy Fairfield
2. Jaime Emerson
3. Mark Osbourne.
4. Adam Taylor

Who says there's no bouldering in the RRG?

Now for some images:

Liz Yokum

Alyssa Hoeper

Nate Yokum "Hobbies Delight"

Mark Osbourne "Covert Methods"

Adam Taylor "Ghetto Methods"

Eric Gifford

Stephen Woodward

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Wes said...

Nice! Really dig the post work!