Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bio In Climbing Magazine Issue: 278

Excerpt taken from Climbing Magazine:

A resident of Louisville Kentucky, the freelance photographer Dan Lubbers ( discovered climbing eight years ago, after a visit to the local gym. A creative mind and a love of the arts have ushered Lubbers, 29, into photojournalism, landing him jobs shooting everyone from Jason Kehl, to the Icelandic band L.B.H. Krew, to fashion models. "Photography/videography is always something I've created to some degree," Lubbers says "I started to approach it as a career path in the past year and a half." His evocative Perspective portrait of the New Mexico shredder Timy Fairfield (p.90), shirtless, was taken after five weeks in a van with Fairfield as part of the La Sportiva Solutions tour in 2007. The dark, high-contrast shot aptly captures Fairfield's intense personality. "We shot it in a field at night in the Red River Gorge," recalls Lubbers. "It took maybe 45 minutes-it was mid-November and cold!" Lubbers' work has appeared in Climbing, Iceland Airwaves, and Urban Climber Magazines.

Climbing Issue: 278 is out now
Go get a copy and read Timy's Perspective Piece

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