Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bonny Billy & the Picket Line: Funtown Comedown

Look for the Vinyl edition of "Funtown Comedown" in the near future. All photography for this Live Studio album shot by me (Dan Lubbers).

Here's what Drag City has to say about the upcoming album:

Bonny Billy and The Picket Line Funtown Comedown
LIVE (in the studio) is the Bonny one with next-generation bluegrass band known as The Picket Line. They’re the official dance band of Funtown, a metaphysical little community in the woods outside Louisville. Bonny and the boys (and girl) run through a set of BPBclassics, some Palace songs and a few classic country covers. VINYL ONLY! (And download exclusively on the new-and-retro-improved!)

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