Monday, July 16, 2012

A little Post-Processing goes a long way...

The skies have been amazing in Kentucky lately. 
They could go one of two ways: 
A beautiful gradient with little to no clouds 
or a fierce contrasty sky full of clouds. 

I decided to head down to the Louisville Extreme Skatepark 
& Waterfront Park one evening and
see how the sky was going to perform during sunset.

I started out shooting the Louisville Extreme Skatepark 
and once I was satisfied with the light decided to head over 
towards the old train bridge which is suppose to be converted to 
a walk/bike path between Kentucky and Indiana over the Ohio River.

The Train bridge image will you show how much difference 
a little post-processing can do to the overall quality of an image.

The top left version is a bit washed out.
Only some slight adjustments were made to boost up the tone,
clarity and contrast to make this image really pop.
(Final image in lower right of screen shot) 

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