Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anti-Inflammatories and Rock Climbing

As a person who has had a few injuries
involving my spine, nerves and muscles I am 
curious what happens to climbers / athletes in the 
long run when their bodies tell them to rest but instead
they take 800mg or more of anti-inflammatories and push on.  

One thing I've learned as an aging climber is when 
to listen to my body and take those much needed rest days.

To reference: One Move Too Many...
"You don't get stronger on your training days. You get 
stronger on your rest days."

"Rest: Pain is an alarm. It is a warning that something
 in the body has been damaged, and you should not 
ignore it. After any injury you should listen to the pain 
and immediately rest."

I shot this on a climbing / bouldering trip of 
a climber who is pushing through 
with the use of anti-inflammatories.

I would like to know other peoples thoughts...


Kris Hampton said...

Funny, I've got a post already titled and in my drafts about this subject, to follow in my series of posts about pushing through the tweaks.

In short, they can be beneficial if actually used as an anti inflammatory (which most people never take them at the right intervals to see that benefit) in a situation that demands it. As just a pain killer though (which is how most people use them)... not so smart.

Dan Lubbers said...

My main thing I see with climbers has been using anti-inflammatories to mask overuse issues when they want to keep climbing. Which as athletes age will only present more progressive overuse issues in the long term.

Let me know when your blog is up! Def want to read it.