Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bouldering @ Linville Gorge, NC

Dave Fulton & Andrew Gearing have been telling me about the bouldering in Linville Gorge for some time now and finally this past weekend I was able to get down there with a good crew of friends.
Our temps; low: 48 | high: 70 | Perfect Clear Skies

This image was taken at about 1am and was lit from the wanning gibbous moon. If one was able to view the photo at about 10 x 8.5, you would see the stars lit in the sky.

We awoke the next morning and headed straight to the boulders for an all day sesh.

Andrew Fulton filtering his water from the spring

After being replenished with H2O, Andrew makes the send.

Ooga Booga mutha-fukers,
as Joey, Jay & Mark clear space for a good landing zone.

Our campsite seen from the riverbed.
Not sure if this is the milky way or not, but beautiful regardless.

Look for bouldering images of this trip on danlubbers.com in the near future.

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