Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mock Sportiva AD


This AD I created is meant for "humorous" purposes only
and "does not" reflect the views and/or opinions of La Sportiva.

My good friend Mark had a shitload of "Anasazi's" lying
around with blown toes and lost support, and we
thought it would create a funny image.

(We have nothing against "Fiveten" as a company,
it's just those are the shoes we had available)

Now that I've saved my ass from legal issues...


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Funny ad. I know better though, there's no way someone could have that many pairs of blown out shoes if they didn't LOVE them!

*A friend Dave Fulton showed me a photo you took of him and Gearing. I found your site, then your blog. You have some amazing photos!

Dan Lubbers said...

Thanks. Still need to save my ass though, cause not everyone is logical.

Dave and I (with others) will be in Linville Gorge next weekend. Should be a good time. Come boulder.