Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Past 5 days in the Southeast

I arrived in Chattanooga last friday in a hopes that weather would be descent. I'm down here on a trip to shoot with Pro-athlete Joey Kinder who recently made the second ascent of a route called Southern Comfort 5.14a.
Saturdays weather was overcast, rainy with 100% humidity. Knowing that I would not be able to shoot or climb myself, I ended up heading over to the Chattanooga Aquarium which, ended up being very interesting.

Rain has thwarted our plans to shoot and over the weekend I made the journey to Alabama to hang out and finish up an interview with my friend Adam Henry. Adam is a straight up real dude, feeds no bullshit and has interesting stories which people will be able to read once it goes to print. The interview will in the distant future be printed in Climbing Magazine as a Perspective piece.

It is now wednesday and I'm seeing the sun for the first time since early friday morning. Joey is very psyched to go shoot on this route and hopefully the weather will abide for the next couple days. I think it's awesome the positive energy that Joey seems to feed me as we talk over the phone and I can't wait to see how this energy fuels both of us for the next few days.

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