Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Big Show" MMA fight at the Belterra with Eric Gifford

Eric Gifford is a sponsored climbing athlete with companies like:

I've had the pleasure of being friends/climbing partners
with Eric for a decade now.
We've traveled many places throughout the years in search of rock.
Every-time Eric fell in love with a destination he would move there,
dominate the area then choose a new destination.
We would lose touch intermittently through the years, but like true family, no matter the obstacle we would always reunite like no time had passed, relive and create new memories.

I look forward to more climbing roadtrips with him
once my injury has fully healed.
We have both suffered spine injuries and Eric has
proven to me that through time,
anything can be achieved despite what doctors may say.
"Mind over matter"
Eric picked up Mixed Martial Arts about a year and a half ago after
moving to Cincinnati and now has 3 fights under his belt.

I finally got to show up for the most recent fight at the
Belterra Casino and show support for my brother.

Here are some shots from this past weekends fight!

Getting wrapped and pumped up.
Watch out for the "Louisville Slugger."
Round One
His opponent: Aaron Miller

Great Camaraderie
The Win...Congrats Bro!

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