Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Falls of the Ohio

Gorgeous weather and increases gas prices led me to an area very close to home this past Sunday with a friend of mine. We just wandered around and chatted for most of the day, but I did end up shooting a few shots.

"During the Middle Devonian, the Falls of the Ohio fossil beds region was covered by a shallow, tropical sea located some 30 degrees south of the equator. Evidence of potent tropical storms is visible because all but the largest corals and stromatoporoids have been jumbled around. While the organisms are different, the Jeffersonville Limestone ecosystemis comparable to a patch reef ecosystem in Florida Bay or the Bahamas today."

The Riverbed full of fossils

Erosion from the ebb and flow of the river tides

I really dug this fossil. Reminiscent of the structure of a hurricane.

Different perspective of the above fossil.


The Nephilim Chronicles said...

Is that spiral of natural origin or a sun symbol?

Dan Lubbers said...

Not really sure what you're asking. It's a fossil in the bed rock of the falls of the Ohio.