Thursday, October 6, 2011

A collaboration piece with Artist/Painter Justin Vining

After I returned home from my shoot in Indianapolis with
Justin Vining, we started talking about doing a
collaboration piece together. Ideas were flying across
the span of cell-phone waves as we chatted.

Below is the first idea that we came up with and executed.

We decided that I would go shoot a scene (somewhat simliar)
to his paintings and then Justin would add his touch to the printed photograph.

Title: "Kentucky Skies"
Size: 10x15"
Medium: Giclee Print on Canvas with Artist Acrylics painted over the print.

Description: This is a collaboration between myself and Justin Vining.
I shot the photo somewhere in rural KY and Justin then painted
the barn on top of the photo printed on canvas.

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photo on acrylic printing said...

It is the personal experience of an artist on thinking to give a shape to the paint.