Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend trip to Horse Pens 40, AL for an upcoming Urban Climber Issue

I got back from a killer trip to HP40 about 2 weeks ago have been diligently editing/writing for an upcoming "Life List" article in a future Urban Climber Mag Issue. The Life List will be similar to the one I did on the Red River Gorge in a previous issue.

The photos below are to present more of the run and gun aspect of my trip with a great crew of friends, mainly all shot with my iPhone.

Gassing up at 9pm Louisville, KY time for our 6+hour excursion.

The Crew: Kyle Fisher, Dan Brechner, Myself & Lily Le
(Reflection taking in hatch window my Element)

Part of the campsite.
Lily's and my home for a few days

My mobile workstation

Our entire campsite. Port-O-Potty and all - haha!

I am a huge fan of Ale-8-One,
but I have seriously missed this Ginger Ale.


Kyle keeping the campfire going...

Waking up can be hard to do...

Peeling off caught in mid-flight

Back on the problem (I don't remember the name)

Lily chillin in the Skywalker crevasse.

This little guy let me get super close to get this shot.
Literally inches away.
I have a keen ear for finding reptiles...

Kyle Fisher

Some gear and the must have

Get yo ass off the ground punk! - HAH!

A crew at Stingray

Packing up to head back home...

Sunset as we were leaving.

Quick stop in Chattanooga for dinner and
to see my great friend Thompsie.

Even the Furbie fell asleep on the drive home.

Lightroom edit

and last but not least I'll leave you with one image shot from my 5D:

Jared Wilson attempting the send of the infamous Stingray V9
with Zack Kiyak spotting.

Diagram of setup:

P.S. Look for my article in Urban Climber this month on Little Rock City/LRC/Stonefort, TN

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