Monday, December 12, 2011

Hawaii Post: Run and Gun from the iPhone (Part 1)

Back in August my dad and I went to the Big Island of Hawai'i.
Sometimes it's just best to use a PnS when you
don't have the time to setup a DSLR, tripod and gear.

The iPhone 4 has been an amazing little run and gun camera for me,
especially when I want to remember a scene for reference to
later revisit and get "the shot!"
(some of the images were filtered using instagram: @danlubbers)

Packed and ready to go.

Boarding the flight of the Pacific.

Sunset over the Pacific.
Not much to look at after the sun goes down

As soon as we arrived in Hilo it was pouring rain.
Not the Hawai'i rain I was used too, but a drenching downpour.
Apparently it was going to last for the next 2 days straight from a
tropical storm that broke up before it hit the island.

I awoke early the next day and this flower was outside of our hotel.
By the time I went back with my DSLR to capture this shot,
the water droplet on the stigma had fallen.
Glad I captured it with my PnS.

I love the root system of the Banyan trees.

A local friend of mine "Joe Arce" showed us around the island to
some hot spots the first day we were in Hilo.
Mainly waterfalls and local surf areas.
It's always nice to have a local around especially when
all Caucasians are considered Haole's.

We didn't get your normal view of Akaka Falls due to the pouring
rain and thick mist creating a very ominous atmosphere.

Pu Nalu' U Beach
(Panorama using Autostitch app)

Abandoned Wind Turbine Farm at South Point

The Southern most tip of the United States.
(It's actually not Key West like most people think)

Our 6mi round trip hike to get to Green Sand Beach...

Very gusty winds at South Point

Green Sand Beach
(Pano using Autostitch App)

I've never seen a Mongoose, but I found a dead one...

I lOVE IPA's!!!

I love the philosophy behind this sign seen
at Volcano's National Park.

My dad and I after our helicopter ride over the Kilauea Crater.
One of the few active volcano's where you can still see lava flowing.
The Pu' U Oo' vent flowed out just two weeks before we got here.

The Lava Fields

Lava Field formations

One of the patterns I really dug while we were hiking
out in the lava fields.

Walking into the old Magma Tube where it flowed out to sea.

Some vegetation I found while in the tube.

Check out my DSLR photos on my website:
under the Scenic gallery.

Part II coming soon...

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