Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Die Like A Gentleman by: Damian Gerlach

A childhood friend of mine, Damian Gerlach
just published his third book titled,

Damian came to me to shoot his portrait for this book and his only requirement was that he wanted it in Black and White. Other than that, I had free reign to shoot how I saw fit for the situation.
Oh yeah and he wanted a beer in his hand - haha!

We picked a local restaurant/bar called Eiderdown in his home area of Germantown in Louisvillle, KY where Damian grew up a few streets away from Eiderdown. I thought the wood tables and brick would make create a really nice texture for a BnW image.

This first image is the one Damian chose for the book:

Here's a few that didn't make the cut...

This is my favorite one but we're not trying to promote Sprite, so the
button down version was much better for the book.

*If you are looking to purchase Damian's book or check his website,
click his name or title above for the link*

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