Monday, April 14, 2008

Abandoned Crematorium

Went to the old crematorium the other day and found these signs and stenciled graffiti around the place. I'm fascinated with humanity sometimes, that people (most likely teenagers) are so adamant about claiming these places as their own.
I do really like the skull & crossbones on the chimney which used to dissipate the corpses being throughout the air and back into the world.

This tombstone was the main reason I went to the cemetery today. People most know this park by this tombstone which is considered, "The Witches Grave."
Whatever Ada's intentions were, I associate her as just being a believer in Paganism and not a devil worshiping person as some say.
Anyways, "She'll live again, so I'll ask her then."


Christina said...

hi dan .. i came across your blog when googling abandoned crematory in louisville and then i saw the reference to ada's grave and etc. i was curious where you learned of that? i wanted to find out more about it / her but i'm not having much luck .. :o(


Dan Lubbers said...

The knowledge I know of Ada's grave is just something that has been passed down to me from when I was a teenager. It could be myth or legend, but seems to make sense and have heard the same story from others throughout the years. The groundskeeper also refers to her grave as "the witches grave."

I have absolutely no clue on where to find anymore information about her grave. Sorry

Anonymous said...

I came to your page by accident really, but I thought I'd pass on a note. The star there isn't a "witches" grave. The woman there was a member of the "Order of the Eastern Star."

You will commonly see "pentagrams" on such graves, but it really has nothing to do with satanism or witchcraft. No different than seeing masonic symbols on graves. In fact, very often you'll see a masonic symbol on the same grave (if it's a spouse with the same stone) or on a nearby spousal stone.