Monday, April 7, 2008

Nice weather & the aftermath of flooding

Today was the first nice day in a long time (sunny 65). I just got my new single-speed cyclocross bike and couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions, so my buddy Brendan and I rode down to the riverfront to finish up some photo's for a possible Mountain Hardware ad and check out the flooding of the Ohio river. You can see the height of the rivers in the background. The water is usually 10ft past that pole.

This shit sucks. I wasn't able to capture the ducks swimming/eating in this muck. The female used to be a pure white duck, which is now dyed brown and covered in soot. I did capture the remains of this fish, but this isn't anything new to the eye. Most of the debris and wreckage is pollution from our Northern Neighbors...Thank you Ohio.

Raging rapids on the usual calm waters of Beargrass Creek.

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